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Country to City

I view the dawn through brightening, hazy essence,
near-full moon paling to the sheerness of a cloud.
I wonder at the city, someday to awe us with its presence,
and a country soul speaks a longing phrase out loud.

A heart that finds enchantment in the eagle's aerie,
whose rapt response is to the craggy heights,
of embracing city streets, is strangely wary;
there is a work to do to see these things aright.

The Lord who gave the soul persistent tendency
to marvel at the pounding of the waves,
must have a plan for those he gives ascendency,
to His vast kingdom, home for those He Saves.

I surely will be given the capacity,
to marvel appropriately at the streets of gold,
still look around without undue audacity,
for some of the rustic scenes my heart stores hold.

As the beauty of Your creation I appreciate,
I ponder how You designed and made it all.
That which I view as natural, and I elevate
is the source of gem and gold so prized by all..

I look into the sky and picture, perhaps, heights,
Your city situated like the eagle's lair,
and You, who gave me the heart to love such sights
will eclipse it all, for You'll be there.

09/04/2012 Carol Welch

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