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September 12 Prayer

Here I am again; let yesterday be gone;
Thanks for the night and rest to start the day.
It's for guidance I pray and strength to carry on,
wisdom to conduct my steps Your way.

Let me see the rest of Your family,
through the eyes of love you see them through.
Let me see the work that is to be,
as a privilege, dear Lord, from you.

Thank you for the eyes You gave to see,
the trees, the sunrise, the people in my life,
for the facilities to enable me,
to carry on, with minimum stress and strife.

For the tickle in my mind that makes me smile,
at the peculiarities of life and special folks,
who speed the passing of the weary mile,
with rapport and savoring quirks and jokes.

Thanks for giving me the confidence You care,
for each one that I love, though out of sight,
for knowing in the small hours You are there,
and here I am, welcoming morning light.

Thank you that I know that You've prepared,
the way for me when this journey shall end,
through suffering, the price paid, I have not shared,
today's secure; forever's with my God and friend..

Today is in Your hands,

09/12/2012 Carol Welch

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