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Means of Peace

Peace on earth.
Remembrances of that day of infamy
bring us scenes of shock from former times.
Now death's terror in our foreign embassy,
Troops returning hear threats in another clime.

Good will to men.
Recriminations fly from every side.
The economy is down; blame now or past.
Natural disasters swell the doomful slide.
We ask, "How long can this direction last?"

Glory to God.
When, one by one, good hearts reach out with aid,
and folks hold to what's right undauntedly,
hope lends its voice that heroic moves be made,
with knowledge power divine it has to be.

In the highest.
So, coming from His throne of majesty,
to earth to empower hate and strife to cease,
a way to set our souls from bondage free,
that tiny Infant's cry brings means of peace.

12/10/2012 Carol Welch

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