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The Family Christmas

Dogs leaping, tails wagging, tongue dripping,
company comes edging by,
ducking, or rushing to hugs just skipping,
Apples of their grandma's eye.

Barely time to get their wraps off,
turkey tucked in the big roaster, stuffed,
moms assured of no sniffling or cough,
as they beg for sliding hill, snow all fluffed.

Some games brought thoughtfully, for playing,
occupy a corner of the floor.
Grandma , preparing, is wistfully saying,
"Maybe later, will be time for more."

Gathering, laughing of sisters and brothers,
catching up on the year that has passed.
Younger ones get re-acquainted, with others,
making memories that can last..

How they did it, the teamwork, beauty prepared,
then gathered children, rosy from snow,
with bowed heads, a father led thankfulness shared.
How lefse, cranberries and turkey did go.

Boys tested limits of sugar lefse could hold;
moms and girls took orders for pie.
Off on a sleighride, in spite of the cold,
while Grandma drove 'til too cold by and by.

Families, one by one, all packed up too soon,
and good-byes were smiled through some tears.
wistfully wagging a sad little tune,
dogs, now in kennel, each goodbye shares.

Dear faces, by firelight, hands busy, kind,
all honoring the Guest of the day,
Who brought us the hope we're so grateful to find,
Lord Jesus, keep all on their way.

12/30/2012 Carol Welch

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