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Many-faceted Moods of Autumn

Should I dread tomorrow and its cold?
Today, it seems unreasonable, the rise
in the temperature, the red and gold;
vivid blue frames soft clouds in clear skies.

And, should I mourn the passing of June days,
when flowers opened new, and humming bird
hovered at the flower, thrilled us with its ways,
and, among reeds, the gabbling geese were heard.

One sees bright sumac, crimson at the road,
predicting cold, stalled travel, chilling bones.
Whirling leaves forecast the coming load,
of drifting white; shovel and blade bring groans.

Another sees the lure of skiing hill;
in daydream, hastens the day bright leaves fall.
The whirling snow attending downhill thrill,
amassing depth, it's hoped, seen each squall.

Rejoice for now, though cold's not my forte,
since summer can't persist perpetually;
Or, fly, like humming bird and goose, away,
glad to have enjoyed fall's vibrant spree.

Ducks, wild geese' formation in gray skies
can lift the heart with awe, God's wondrous ways,
Who guides His creatures, gives unto our eyes
the beauty of the world that is today.

09/27/2012 Carol Welch

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