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Seal the door

The wood door, it seems, has backfired in its use.
No longer do we put the wood chunks in,
some furry little creatures bode abuse.
The actions they intend would be a sin.

They like to find a space through which to squeeze
attempting to pollute, the contents there.
Would sympathy give entrance, lest they freeze?
Or take a stand of action and beware.

No shredding of our clothes is any good,
or leaving calling cards of smell and stain.
We're horrified at thoughts of germ-filled food,
and toothmarks on our woodwork we disdain.

Accepted, they have whiskers cute, neat ears,
and eyes that shine like little onyx beads,
we do not need grey "anything-but-dears,"
to fill, upon our goods, their messy needs.

Enough consideration for the pest.
Take action; stop defiling of our pad.
Seal any crevice he'd explore and test.
Let nature just provide his habitat.

And, that's that!

10/03/2012 Carol Welch

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