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Martin Luther King

You stood, your people to bring hope
be raised from an inferior place in life,
promote society where like efforts to cope,
bring brotherhood beyond the blocks of life.

You saw the man of brilliant mind put down,
the woman of grace and charm sent to the rear,
and, though it cost turmoil and raging town,
you spoke your dream, equality, for all to hear.

To see the plight of people that God made,
improved, and respect and worth expressed,
through all the turmoil, though the price be paid,
Dignity and opportunity are blessed.

This day is set aside to honor vision, heart,
A man not afraid to sound the wake up call,
a day of victory for lives with better start,
more poignant, knowing that it cost your all

Now, this old world has a long, long way to go,
to see past black and white and Greek and Jew,
but man, here, can less color bias know.
This special day, for what you've done, we honor you.

01/19/2013 Carol Welch

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