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The Winter Doldrums

The winter doldrums well may come;
we intercept with valentines.
and don't accept the hum drum; drum.

It matters not where you are from;
the need for interest inclines,
find zest when winter doldrums come

Romance can make the season hum,
the crackling fire, scent of pines,
enchantment as bright snowfall comes.

You may find that you're more than chums,
when it's spelled out on valentines,
some change, when winter doldrums come.

and, when one day, your gray hair comes,
and you relate, "Oh, child of mine,
we don't accept the hum, drum, drum."

Bright times in life, when found the sum,
just when the mood around declines,
Winter doldrums, expected, come,
Receptive hearts ward off "hum drum."

01/22/2013 Carol Welch

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