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Two Thousand Thirteen's Resolutions

I've listed them in one, two, three;
changes I hope to implement,
to make a different me to be,
productive, cheerful, and content,

The years that formed the self I know,
have built in features I've attained,
by how I've faced each boon and blow.
It seems some worth I might have gained.

Two Thousand and Thirteen, let's look,
at what is gained and what is lost.
The red or black marked in my book,
to change things now, which ones? What cost?

To Heavenly Father, I look in prayer,
how can I live a better year?
What's done in love,patience, and care.
The order is big; I'll face my fear.

It's revealed; I have one day to live,

with bits of learning I've accrued.
If I trust my God to give
the wisdom, I won't come unglued.

It's in the now, with grateful heart,
a fresh perspective spurs the way.
With my list, one, two, three, a part,
Two Thousand Thirteen, day by day.

11/22/2012 Carol Welch

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